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The ESP Difference

  • Efficiency & Effectiveness

    Unlike other commercial Collection Agencies, our unique debt collection methodology allows us to give our clients both pertinent information and an above average return.

  • Superior Service

    Is a top priority. We will customize recovery programs and/or reports to meet any client’s needs or requirements. Choosing a service from a menu is not what we offer. We implement programs from a menu that you create.

  • Professional Performance

    Our staff are not the stereotypical debt collectors. We hire professionals with acute business sense. From management to legal, our people are problem solvers and negotiators. Their job is to investigate, evaluate and seek solutions to our client’s problems.

  • “Customer retention is very important in our industry and ESP understands this. They provide effective solutions in collecting our past due receivables while exhibiting integrity and professionalism – a characteristic of utmost importance in selecting an agency with which to do business with.” -
  • -Vermeer Equipment of Texas, Inc.

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